A beginner’s guide to conservatory roofs

Conservatories are amazing property additions, creating calming spaces for relaxing that can be enjoyed the whole year round.

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Adding an eye-catching conservatory to your house is a wonderful way to increase the amount of living space to which your family has access and to improve its marketability.

Conservatories Tewkesbury can add around seven per cent to your home’s value.

Planning your conservatory

As you begin to plan your conservatory project, start browsing the different types of conservatory roof available. By choosing a conservatory roof that fits the style of the rest of the property, you can create the perfect level of ambience and shelter.

There are several things to keep in mind when choosing the roof, including durability, insulation and the views it provides. This will help you to realise your intentions whilst meeting your requirements and goals for your conservatory.

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If you want your conservatory to appear natural and a seamless extension of your home’s building structure, it is worth considering tiled roofing. This will ensure your conservatory blends perfectly with the tiled roof on the existing property, particularly if you choose coordinating materials and identical colours.

There are many specialist companies that can help you to achieve your roofing aims, such as Firmfix for Conservatories in Tewkesbury.

Insulation and materials

Tiled roofing provides exceptional insulation, which will unfailingly increase the usefulness of the space. You will be able to enjoy the conservatory when exterior temperatures fall in winter or are high during the heat of summer. Tiles are also much easier to maintain and clean than glass.

If you would like your space to be connected to nature and the outside of your home, glass is the best choice. Glass provides a full view of the sky and landscape, giving your home an attractive and bright space; however, glass can be quick to heat during the warmer months, so consider installing a cooling system to ensure a comfortable temperature in your conservatory.

Thermally efficient glass also provides a good level of insulation, although it is not as efficient as tiles.

Double glazed glass is a good compromise between tiles and glass, providing adequate insulation whilst allowing decent views. There are also high-tech glass options such as self-cleaning glass.

Plastic polycarbonate roofing is also a popular choice, as it is cheaper than glass and allows sunlight to flow through.

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