2 Proven Ways to Reduce Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can take the fun out of just about every part of life. It makes it hard to reach shelves, play with children, and even lay in bed. If you or a loved one is struggling with chronic pain, there is hope for relief. At an institute for pain management jacksonville fl area professional you can get the help you need for chronic pain. Until your consultation, however, let’s look at some other methods to help manage pain.

Meditation is one method to lessen the pain individuals experience throughout the day and night. Meditation is a practice comprised of deep breathing and building self-awareness. Individuals focus on their breathing, sometimes repeating a chant or mantra, while seated in a comfortable position with their eyes closed. This practice causes the body to relax, relieving tension and allowing people to breathe into areas that are causing them pain. Meditation also helps reduce stress, which is another reason people can experience increased pain throughout the body.

Another way to reduce chronic pain is to use biofeedback technology to see and reduce your pain. Biofeedback works by using sensors attached to the body that allow patients to see and hear their bodily functions. These include measurements of heart rate, body temperature, and muscle tension. As the patient sees and hears their bodily responses, they can change the way the responses occur by aiming to manipulate what they are observing. It has been proven to lower feelings of anxiety, depression, stress, and physical pain.

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Chronic pain may seem like an uphill battle, but it has gotten easier with new technologies, like biofeedback, as well as ancient practices, like meditation. These are only two pain management options, there are plenty of other methods that may work better for individuals based on their specific pain, the location, any injuries, and multiple other factors.